BHEESTIE Moisture-Removing Bag

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Drop it in and dry it out! The BHEESTIE moisture-removing bag is great for maintaining and possibly saving cell phones, iPods, cameras, watches, PDAs and more.

  • Features

    • BHEESTIE helps keep your personal electronic device moisture-free for better performance and longer lifespan
    • BHEESTIE may also help prevent your device from being ruined after an accidental soaking or submersion
    • Perfect for use after running, skiing, water sports or other activities that expose your personal electronics to moisture
    • BHEESTIE lasts up to a year for everyday moisture removal if it is kept sealed at all times; if it is used for saturated items it may last for a shorter time
    • When blue "indicator" beads turn gray, it is time to replace your BHEESTIE

    Made in USA.

    To use: Turn off your device and place in the silver bag with bead pouch (do not remove beads from clear pouch). Seal bag tightly and let it sit overnight or until the device's next use. If your device has been soaked or submerged, immediately remove the battery and place in BHEESTIE bag for 24 - 72 hours. Always keep bag sealed tightly to help preserve absorption properties.
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    9 x 6 inches

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