Three campers on a beach are sitting around a table while one is getting something from inside a Dometic cooler. There’s a pickup truck with a tent in the bed and an SUV with a pop up roof tent near the water.

Dometic logo

Dometic is the catalyst for your most meaningful moments outdoors—with game-changing outdoor gear designed in Sweden and built to last.

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Let nothing hold you back

A close up shot of someone reaching into a dometic cooler. You can see vegetables inside.

Coolers built for outdoor living (no ice required)

Dometic’s CFX3-powered coolers let you keep your favorite food and drinks icy cold without the hassle of ice.
A camper surrounded by red rocks has set up a table near the open trunk of their car. The are using a propane burner to prepare some food.

Designed to pack, stack and GO

Built with outdoor adventures in mind, Dometic GO equips you to get out faster, stay out more comfortably, and embrace the outdoors with family and friends.
A child in a blue jacket is filling up a camp pot from one of Dometic’s hydration water jugs.

The only water solution you’ll ever need

Dometic’s hydration water jug and faucet is designed to be easy to carry, fill, dispense, and clean - with a volume maximizing design.
A line of vehicles proceeds down a dirt road, dwarfed within a vast, rocky, mountainous landscape.

Do more with Dometic

Dometic aims to give you more outdoor experiences worth experiencing. From Dometic fridges and Dometic coolers to Dometic toilets, their gear is designed to help you get outside faster. Stay outside longer. Be more comfortable. And, of course, make more memories.