Two cyclists ride e-bikes along a lake in front of low mountains.

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From e-bikes to mountain bikes, and bikepacking to gravel grinding, co-op members can save more getting geared up for any terrain.

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A smiling cyclist leans against their black e-bike loaded with rear panniers on a sidewalk.

Going uphill won't get you down

You'll have a hard time not smiling every time you cruise up a hill (or to the store, or the dog park, or…) on an e-bike.

Say hello to our newest e-bike

The e doesn't stand for easy. But with an approachable design and simple maintenance, it could.

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A cyclist rides a yellow e-bike uphill in front of a wall decorated with a colorful flower mosaic.

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Members get a 20% discount on bike shop services, plus free bike tire repair.

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Two smiling cyclists ride on a tree-lined bike path in front of a body of water with a ferry.
E-Bike Basics Expert Advice Series

Motors. Maintenance. Riding ranges. Here's everything you need to know about e-bikes.

Two cyclists whose bikes are loaded with rear panniers turn on a rural road.
Staff Picks: The Best E-Bikes of 2022

Pedal with more fun and less effort on our six favorite e-bikes.

Yoga teacher Elena Cheung does a sumo squat on a red yoga mat in a white-walled room.
Deeply Moving with Elena Cheung: Movement for Cyclists

In just 20 minutes, this yoga session will have you rejuvenated for your next ride.

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Cycling gear at REI

For many of us, our bikes gave us our first taste of freedom. And for some, that magic never went away. Agile, aggressive or just plain old fun, we firmly believe there’s a bike for everyone. Whether you’re interested in e-bikes, bikepacking, mountain biking or shrinking the carbon footprint of your commute, we’ve got a wide range of bikes from CannondaleElectra and even our own line of Co-op Cycles to choose from. Cycling clothing, gear, and accessories for cyclists can all be found here. Not to mention incredible bike tours and classes for any skill level.