group of four women at a picnic table near a lake smiling and chatting in hiking clothing.
R E I Co-op

out there, together.

REI Co-op

REI Co-op started as a tiny community and grew into a really big one—all because a group of people liked going outside together and needed the right gear to do so. That got us started in 1938, and keeps us going today.

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REI offers 1002 REI Co-op products

group of women in conversation at a picnic table laughing with coffee cups in hand.

Make it for all

We see our products as invitations to explore—to break down walls and get more people outside. To us, a breath of fresh air is what it’s all about. If we can get you out there with the right gear, we call it a good day.

Three women sit on the tailgate of a truck and face the camera.
Photo of male clothing designer working on an article of black fabric. He is surrounded by sewing machines and spools of thread.
Three women atop a summit kicking their legs up in joy together for finishing the climb. They are smiling with arms around each other.

Build it to last

Our 17+ million co-op members tell us things and we listen, with the goal of making products for real people. Our team gets out there with members in the dirt, wind and rain to put designs to the test so that our products work for you, and can be passed down a generation—or two.

Have an idea? Tell us things:

Man in product design area working with metal tent poles. He is putting them through a machine attached to a table.
Photo of several hikers of various ages. A red pen has been used over the photo to call out people who are part of the design team at REI.
Aerial view of an artist sketching out a design in the studio. Other illustrations he has drawn are also on the table he works at.
Woman and man on a rocky mountaintop with a tent. Man is sitting halfway in the tent, which is unzipped. Woman is behind the tent gathering items.
Antique photo of REI Co-op founders sitting on a rock with ice axes and climbing rope, looking off into the distance.  Image of two REI Co-op classic jackets and blue classic backpack from a collection called Wallace Lake. Click for a quickview of the REI Co-op Alpine Insulated Parka - Women's and a button for more details. Click for a quickview of the REI Co-op High Country Down Parka - Men's and a button for more details.
Photo of gear cabinet found at REI Co-op Headquarters. Cabinet is filled with items from a ski boot to an ice axe to smaller camp-related equipment.

Infuse it with love

Our co-founders didn’t set out to start a business. Instead, they followed their love for wild places and the co-op was born. With a few friends and a shared passion, they created something new: a people-centered business. And their infectious spirit inspires everything we do.

Vintage photo of people climbing a giant rock in the middle of a forested area.
Two people at the summit of a rocky mountain looking out at the mountain ranges around them on a sunny, clear day.

Put profit to good use

We put sustainability at the center of how we make products. Working closely with our partners at home and abroad allows us to make a larger impact. From seeking better ways of making goods, to ensuring Fair Trade, to putting our profits to good use, we advocate for the places we all love.

Aerial view of products in the National Scenic Trails collection, including running shoes, a camp chair, T-shirts and a backpack, all with a Pacific Crest Trail design of red, aqua and gray.
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