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Help us advocate for policies that protect the outdoors, for everyone .

Your voice will make a difference—let’s make sure our elected officials hear it.

How to take action


1. Pick a focus area

We advocate for three priorities: climate action, outdoor equity and places we love.


2. Browse active campaigns

Our policy experts break down the issues that affect you and how you can take action.


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Push for progress in three key areas

Priority action

Every letter helps your elected officials to take notice.

We've helped deliver over 350,000 letters so far!

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“The new REI Cooperative Action Network will amplify support for policies like the bipartisan REPLANT Act to catch up & keep up with reforesting America’s national forests.”

— Jad Daley, President of American Forests
Headshot of M'Lisa Marks, REI Co-op employee

“I’m so impressed that a company this size would dedicate an entire team to advocate for policies that support life outdoors. The reason I applied to work at REI is the Cooperative Action Network. I am very proud to be a part of a company that takes action on their words.”

— M’Lisa Marks, REI Employee
Headshot of Adam Cramer, CEO of Outdoor Alliance

“REI’s Cooperative Action Network has supercharged the efforts to protect the places where we play. With more people than ever getting outside, REI is helping make voters' voices heard to ramp up efforts to conserve more public lands and waters.”

— Adam Cramer, CEO Outdoor Alliance

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