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The Cooperative Action Network adds thousands of voices to the movement for health, strength and equity in the outdoors. Including yours.

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Outdoor Equity

Every person has a right to enjoy the power of the outdoors. We must ensure that the outdoors is accessible and available for every person, and that all people feel safe and welcome outside.

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Climate Action

Climate change presents the single greatest risk to life outdoors. We need to accelerate our collective efforts to harness natural climate solutions, shrink our carbon footprint, and ensure the health of our planet for generations to come.

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Places We Love

The places where we love to play—from our vast public lands and waters to the neighborhood park—should be a national priority. We work to protect, maintain, and establish outdoor spaces for the benefit of all.

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Let’s get things done. Together.

Join us in the collective effort to bring health, strength and equity to the outdoors.

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