Co-op Cycles

Hi, we’re Co-op Cycles

We’re bikes born from a love of adventure, cooperatively designed with REI members and built for riders who seek the fun and freedom that comes from exploring the world on two wheels.


When fat tires and dirt trails combine, it’s magic, plain and simple. These low-maintenance fun machines have proven technologies and upgradability that’ll let you dial in a ride all your own.


Road bikes for the adventurous, who know the ride shouldn’t end just because the pavement does. These are built strong and light, providing true versatility from pavement to gravel and beyond.


Made for loaded tours in ever-changing terrain, these are the bikes from which great stories come. Each model is purpose-built, fully rackable and ready to roll wherever you want to take it.


Ditch the car and start living, people. Commuting, errands, beer runs and nights out are all made better when done on two wheels. Being part of the solution has never been so much fun.


When you're a kid, your bike is your freedom. Start 'em out right with sturdy and reliable bikes that will take them from training wheels to singletrack in no time.

A cyclist rides down a snowy trail


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Adventure ready

Our bikes are adventure ready and built for versatility. Our members told us that their adventures don’t always fit into exact categories, so we made it easy to accessorize and upgrade.

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Built with great parts

We consciously choose high-quality components over just the latest-and-greatest tech. Meaning, spec-for-spec, our bikes are some of the best values around, and they’ll keep you riding happy for years.

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Cooperatively designed

We start our design process by talking with our riders. They tell us what matters most to them, and we use their feedback to build nothing but great bikes worth riding.