Under white clouds and blue skies a spectacular alpine valley.
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Founded in the '70s by a group of self-proclaimed dirt bag climbers and surfers — whose approach to design and business reflected their minimalist style — Patagonia continues to offer versatile, high-quality gear & clothing that's responsibly made and built to last.

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Camping buddies goof off on a windswept river bank
Perched on a rock a hiker and two mountain goats take in the forest valley below

Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm

Putting stewardship and sustainability in every product, Patagonia's goal is to reduce the adverse social and environmental impacts of how their gear and clothing is made.

Patagonia Micro Puff Jacket

It took a decade to design next to nothing.
P.S. It was worth the wait.

Feather-light, bird-less

Synthetic PlumaFill insulation plus ingenious construction equals amazing warmth-to-weight.

Compresses like down

Incredibly scrunchable, the Micro Puff™ Jacket disappears into your pack or its own pocket.

Warm even when wet

Getting drenched? Even after continued soaking, PlumaFill maintains its heat-trapping loft.