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Bike Trailers

Bike trailers make it easy to haul everything you need on your next cycling adventure. These trailers attach to your bike and allow you to tow a child or dog, camping gear or groceries behind you as you pedal. Bike trailers keep cargo weight off your back or bike for a more comfortable ride.

When choosing a bike trailer, consider what you need to haul and what other features and accessories you might want.   

Types of Bike Trailers 

Bike trailers break down into three basic categories:

  • Bike cargo trailers:Trailers for cargo are ideal for hauling heavy or bulky items.
  • Bike trailers for kids:If your child is not yet ready for their own kid's bike, these trailers give them a comfortable way to come along on your family bike ride. Enclosed trailers can hold one or two kids who aren't able to pedal on their own yet. With a trailer bike (sometimes called "a tag along bike"), a child has the option to pedal.
  • Bike trailer for dogs:Resembling a kids' bike trailer minus the seat, it lets you take your four-legged companions on your outings.

More to Consider

Next, think about the features and accessories you'll want, which will vary based on the type of trailer you choose.

  • Cargo trailers typically come with one or two wheels. Single-wheel trailers are generally nimbler and have less drag than two-wheel trailers. They're easier to maneuver on technical terrain like singletrack. Meanwhile, two-wheel trailers keep your load balanced and stable. They are typically wider than single-wheel trailers, so may require more room to turn.
  • Enclosed child bike trailers can handle one or two kids. They're great choices for cyclists who aren't comfortable pedaling with a child sitting in a child bike seat. They include features such as reclining seats, storage and retractable sunshades. Many offer conversion kits that allow you to convert the trailer for use while jogging or skiing. And don't forget to find a child's bike helmet that fits well.


Attaching the Trailer to Your Bike

As you're choosing your bike trailer, consider how you plan to attach it to your bike. Trailers commonly mount to your bike's seatpost or the rear axle. Check to make sure that the trailer you're considering is compatible with your bike's brakes, axle and drivetrain. 


In many cases, you'll be able to connect the trailer to your bike right out of the box. Or, you may need an adapter or aftermarket accessory part to make the attachment work.

Why Shop at REI

REI carries trailers by top brands like Burley and Thule. We also offer cycling classes and events, and skills articles such as Cycling with Young Children or How to Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike.