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Hiking Socks

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Hiking Socks

Hiking Sock Height

Hiking socks generally come in four different heights: no-show, ankle, crew, and knee-high. The higher the cuffs are on your boots or shoes, the taller you want your socks to be so they can protect your skin from rubbing directly against your footwear.

Hiking Sock Cushioning

The thickness of a sock relates to how much cushioning it provides and how warm it will be. The right amount of cushioning for you depends on the types of trips you go on and the weather you expect. A bit of cushion can protect your feet during high-impact activities like running and backpacking, but thicker socks are warmer and can cause your feet to sweat. You may have to experiment to find the right balance of cushion-to-warmth that works for you. Having a variety of socks to choose from in your sock drawer is helpful.

Hiking Sock Fabric Type

Hiking socks are rarely made of a single type of fiber, and merino wool is typically the primary fiber used in any material blend. Wool fiber is excellent at regulating temperature and dries reasonably fast. Most hiking socks use a combination of wool and synthetic materials for better durability and faster drying.

Hiking Sock Fit

Getting the right size socks for your feet will help keep them comfortable on hiking trips. Too small and they can create pressure points and sock slippage; too big and they can have wrinkles that will rub. Because shoes and hiking boots are typically slightly bigger than your foot size to allow toes wiggle room, you should buy socks as close to your exact foot size as possible.