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Bike Tools

Our Bike Repair Kit Checklist lays out the basics and has suggestions for longer rides. More specifically, the tools you choose will depend on the work you need to do and your mechanical skills. Most novice cyclists start out with the basics, then add tools as they gain experience.

Flat Tire Repair

It's the most common cycling problem, so you should learn how to fix a flat tire and carry the following items:

Additional Bike Tools

No single set of tools works for every ride. Below are commonly carried tools:

  • Multi-tool kit: Combines key items in a compact, affordable option.
  • Screwdrivers: Phillips and standard
  • Pliers: Preferably needle-nose
  • Wrenches:
  • Hex wrenches (aka Allen wrenches) in a variety of sizes
  • Open-end wrenches, or an adjustable wrench
  • Spoke wrench
  • Chain tool

For a rundown on tools for more complex repair jobs, read Bike Tool Essentials. Our article series on Drivetrain Maintenance has both step-by-step guidance and tool recommendations.

For suggestions on spare parts and tools for longer bike adventures, see our Multiday Bike Touring Checklist and Bikepacking Checklist.

Cleaning and Lubricating Supplies for your Bike

The following items can help you clean and lubricate key components to help maintain good performance:

For more details and tips, read Bike Chain Cleaning and Maintenance.

Bike Repair Stand

This isn't inexpensive nor a must-have item, but if you plan to do regular mechanical work on your bike, getting one is a worthwhile investment.