Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

We have been receiving more online orders than usual. Delivery of your order might be delayed. Please view your order details for the latest status and estimated dates. Thanks again for your patience as we fulfill orders as quickly and safely as possible.

Shipping speed and timing questions

Shipping time varies based on several factors, including the shipping speed selected at checkout, the item, the item's location, the item's availability, the shipping address and our carrier partners. Weather, carrier delays and other unforeseen circumstances also might impact delivery time.

Find the latest estimated dates for your items in checkout or on your order details page. In-store or curbside pickup (available at most locations) is a free alternative to shipping. Learn more about store pickup.

REI offers three shipping speeds (All timing is estimated):

  • Standard shipping: 5–7 business days
  • Faster shipping: 2–3 business days
  • Fastest shipping: 1–2 business days

Packages do not ship from our distribution center on the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • 4th of July
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Labor Day
  • President's Day
  • Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving
  • Memorial Day
  • Christmas

An estimated arrival date is the day we anticipate your package will be delivered. Estimated arrival dates are not guaranteed, and there might be a few different dates per order, based on item location or availability. Weather, carrier delays and other unforeseen circumstances also might impact delivery time. Please note that some items require a signature for delivery. Estimated arrival dates are for U.S. domestic orders. Learn more about International Orders and Shipping.

Find the latest estimated dates for your shipped items in checkout or on your order details page.

Estimated arrival dates don't apply to:

  • Deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, P.O. boxes and rural areas
  • Deliveries made to U.S. territories, APO, FPO and international addresses
  • Items that must be sent by ground shipping: hazardous, flammable, and oversize items as noted in the product information
  • Items shipped common carrier freight, including boats and car-top boxes
  • Bikes
  • Items that are pre-order, backorder or out of stock at the time of ordering

An estimated pickup date is the day we anticipate your item(s) will be ready for free in-store pickup. Estimated pickup dates are not guaranteed, and there might be a few different dates per order, based on item location or availability. You will receive emails as items are ready.

Orders will be canceled if not picked up by the "pick up by" date (typically 14 days after the last batch of pickup items are ready). Call the store to extend your pickup window. Otherwise, orders not picked up on time will be canceled. We'll release any holds placed on your credit card and refund any associated payments.

Find the latest estimated dates for your pickup items in checkout or on your order details page.

In-store pickup dates vary based on product availability. Specific dates are viewable on the product page when you choose "Pick up at store" and/or in the cart when you select and add the item to your cart. Changes to your pickup date can be found on your order details page, and most updates also will be sent via email. Learn more about store pickup.

Note: Estimated pickup dates might change based on how quickly the store can assemble your bike(s). Learn more about bike pickup dates.

Find the latest estimated dates for bikes in checkout or on your order details page.

Estimated pickup dates for bikes might change or be different from other items in the same order. Bikes typically need a few extra days for assembly and inspection after they arrive at the store. We'll email you with updates and pickup information when it's ready to roll. In the meantime, please call your store's bike shop with questions.

There are two shipping options for physical REI gift cards: Standard shipping and Faster shipping.

  • Standard shipping takes approximately 5–7 business days via USPS mail.
  • Faster shipping takes approximately 2–3 business days via UPS.

Please note: REI no longer ships gift cards internationally, including to Canada. Consider sending an REI e-gift card to international recipients.

REI e-gift cards are emailed directly to your recipients and usually arrive within a few hours of purchase—or on the scheduled delivery date.

Some hazardous items are not available to ship and must be ordered to pick up at an REI store. If this is the case, it will be noted on the product page and at checkout.

Shippable hazardous or flammable items must be sent via surface or ground shipping. Therefore, they might ship separately from the rest of your order and/or be ineligible for Faster or Fastest shipping speeds.

Please note hazardous or flammable items cannot be sent to P.O. Boxes, Alaska, Hawaii, APO, FPO, U.S. Territories or international addresses.

We work hard to fulfill all orders by their estimated arrival dates, but deliveries might take longer than expected due to high order volume, carrier delays, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances. Though we try to provide you with the latest information, some carrier tracking information updates and delivery status might be delayed.

If you have received a shipping confirmation email, your package has left our facilities and is on the way. To view your order status and get tracking information, please check your Purchase Status page.

For shipping-related questions, please contact us directly at 1-800-426-4840.

Shipping sustainability questions

REI Co-op is actively working toward its target to reduce our entire carbon footprint 55% by 2030, and to achieve Net Zero by 2050. While working to reduce our business' impact, starting in 2020, we have pledged to offset our brand and operations emissions. REI also has taken a leadership position in the outdoor industry and created accountability for our neutrality commitment by joining Climate Neutral. See our latest carbon credit numbers and other work to fight the climate crisis.

Other developments include taking on the purchase of renewable marine fuel for all co-op branded inbound container shipping, reducing carbon ocean emission in absolute terms. We've also joined Cargo Owners for Zero Emissions Vessels (coZEV), a group of shippers who are committed to zero emissions vessels by 2040.

REI stores are enabled to send back plastic film to distribution centers for baling and recycling with Trex. Since implementing this backhaul program, REI has diverted over 1.4MM LB of polyethylene film and foam from landfills. In addition, this program has enabled significant progress on our Zero Waste goal at the stores by removing this large waste stream from store landfills. Retail diversion improved to more than 79% (fleet average) in 2022, in no small part due to elimination of film from waste. This also has enabled us to certify two retail stores under the TRUE certification. Read more about our latest progress in our Stewardship & Impact report.

There are several factors for how we choose to ship items. We do our best to ship all items from one order together in the same package, as quickly as possible, and from a location nearest you. However, sometimes an item is only available at one of our warehouses or a particular store, or the item is on backorder and, therefore, needs to ship separately from the rest of your order.

Shipping and packaging sustainably are important to REI. While effective packaging is necessary to protect products and meet our estimated arrival dates, we aim to use as little packaging as possible, as well as select materials that are recyclable.

Recent efforts include:

  • We've eliminated single-use plastic polybags for individual items across the vast majority of apparel products that we sell under the REI Co-op brand.
  • Rather than being placed in a plastic polybag, we instead use the roll-pack method, where products are loosely rolled and tied with paper or twine.
  • We've also requested that our vendor partners seek alternatives to individual plastic bags for shipping apparel and other items. This action alone could eliminate more than 50 tons of plastic film waste per year.
  • We've optimized the box-size assortment for shipments to customers to minimize material use when possible.
  • We've adjusted our outer polybag shipper size at distribution centers to help reduce polybag-plastic usage.
  • In addition, most of the paperboard we use for REI Co-op brand apparel hangtags are either FSC certified, recycled or both. They also include the How2Recycle Label to help customers better understand how to recycle them.

We're continuously exploring better options for our packaging. Read more about our efforts in our Stewardship & Impact report.

In some instances, we still use plastic packaging, such as in the shipper bags that we use to mail some products purchased online. We've found this option often has a lower carbon footprint—even when compared to paper. While cardboard boxes would be more recyclable at customers' homes (not all recycling programs accept plastic film), our shipper bags use much less material and typically weigh less.

Yes, please do! Most paper and cardboard materials can be recycled at the curb. Check with your local recycler to confirm what can and cannot be accepted. Curbside recycling varies by location. Polybags typically cannot be recycled at the curb. They are often accepted at locations that recycle plastic bags, like participating grocery stores. Again, check first before dropping off.

The shipping bags we use are recyclable in most drop-off locations. We're currently working on getting this information printed on our shipping bags. They are made of #4 LDPE, which is accepted into drop-off recycling. Find a location near you for plastic-film recycling.