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Mountain Bikes

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Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are designed specifically to ride on rough terrain and can handle dirt trails, roots and rocks. They're often built with shock-absorbing features like suspension systems and made of sturdy materials to hold up with harder riding. There are also models specifically designed for women and kids.

The main things to consider when picking which mountain bike to get are: your riding style, key features and fit.

Types of Mountain Bikes

  • Trail bikes: These bikes work best for all-around riding styles. They're great for casual riding or if you're just looking to get into the sport.
  • Cross-Country: Designed for faster riding with less suspension. They're easier to climb hills with and focus on efficiency for longer rides.
  • Fat tire bikes: With giant tires to improve traction, these bikes are good for sand and snow.
  • All-Mountain: If you don't want to compromise between downhill speed and uphill ease, consider one of these.

Mountain Bike Suspension Styles

You'll also need to consider what type of suspension you want. You can save money with limited suspension, but you'll have a less comfy ride.

  • Rigid: No suspension. It's least expensive but least comfortable.
  • Hardtail: A front suspension fork absorbs some shocks, but there's no rear suspension. These are popular for cross-country riding.
  • Full suspension: Has suspension in front and back making for a gentler ride.

More to Consider

Next, think about what features you'll need. Bikes come with different tire sizes to balance traction and speed depending on your conditions. Your gearing also depends on your type of riding. Disc brakes have become standard for mountain bikers.

Once you've selected your ride, be sure to take a look at mountain bike accessories like helmets, shoes, shorts and tires.

Why Shop at REI

REI carries mountain bikes by top brands like Cannondale, Salsa and our own Co-op Cycles. We're here to help you get the best fit and our certified bike techs can keep you steed in shape.