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Have a product? Think we would love it?

Greenlight is the portal for anyone who wants their stuff on REI's shelves. Applications reopen in early 2022.

The application process

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Step 1: Get the details

Please read this page carefully, including the FAQS

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Step 2: How to apply

Once applications reopen, submit material explaining your product or brand

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Step 3: Your next steps

Check back in early 2022 for updated details and to apply

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What we're looking for

We seek local brands. Activity-driven, sustainability-minded brands. Innovative products. And more. Applications will reopen in early 2022.

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More paths forward

Founders of color represent only about 1% of outdoor industry entrepreneurs. Let's change that.

Path Ahead Ventures

These brands got the green light—maybe yours will, too

REI shares our commitment of inspiring people to experience travel and outdoors by offering high-quality equipment that will perform for years to come.
Chris Clearman, Founder/CEO Matador

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