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About Bike Racks

A bike rack attaches your bike to your car's roof, hitch, trunk or truck bed to free up space inside the car. REI Co-op's selection of bike racks cover a wide variety of vehicles so you can take your trusty steed wherever you want to go.

Types of Bike Racks

Before you buy a bike rack you'll need to know a few things: how many bikes you plan to transport and where on your car you'd like to attach the rack. Here are the main types of bike racks:

  • Hitch Bike Rack: These racks attach to your trailer hitch and can usually carry two bikes or four bikes at a time. The bikes either rest on a platform rack or hang in a cradle. You'll need to know what size hitch you have to determine if a rack is compatible.
  • Rooftop Bike Rack: If your car lacks a hitch, you might want to try your roof. They're harder to operate as you have to lift your bike on top of your car, and don't fit in many garages. A rooftop rack will need to be compatible with your car's crossbars.
  • Trunk Mounted Rack: These attach to your trunk or hatchback via straps instead of installed features. They're a great solution if you don't use your rack often or want to save money.
  • Truck Bed Rack: If you have a pickup, a truck rack helps secure your bike in the bed of your truck.

Why Shop at REI

REI offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can be confident in your choice. Members receive a dividend on purchases and discount on classes and events. We carry great brands like Yakima, Thule and Kuat.