SQlab 602 M-D Active Saddle

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With a deep center dip, ample foam cushion and an adjustable flex, the SQlab 602 M-D Active saddle lets you pedal in comfort. It's ideal for casual rides around town in an upright seated position.

  • Features

    • Active technology on the underside allows the saddle to flex, mimicking the body's natural motion to keep your spine aligned, reduce pressure and improve pedal efficiency
    • Includes 2 removable sticks in the Active system so you can increase or reduce the amount of flex based on your riding style and weight
    • All SQlab saddles are ergonomically shaped to benefit both the male and female anatomy
    • Raised, flat saddle wings and a low-lying saddle nose provide optimal surface contact for lasting comfort and support
    • Distinct center dip provides support and significantly reduces perineal pressure
    • 24 mm of foam keeps the saddle comfortable for the long haul
    • Solid 7x7 mm chromoly rails allow the saddle to bear more of a load—max rider weight limit: 330 lbs. (150 kg)
    • Special foam material has a density that's ideal for rebound, damping and, most of all, comfort
    • Proper saddle fit is crucial to providing maximum comfort and performance—see the saddle sizing image to discover your perfect size


    How to measure your sit bones:
    The key to getting a proper saddle fit is to accurately measure your sit bones. SQlab has developed a unique, simple and effective system for measuring your sit bones at home.

    Find a hard surface such as a chair or coffee table, a 10 x 12 in. piece of corrugated cardboard (softer-density cardboard works best), a black marker or pen and a metric ruler.

    Place cardboard flat-side down on the chair. Sit on it with your back straight and shoulders back. Pull yourself down with your hands to make a clear sit bone impression. Stand up. Your sit bones should have imprinted on the cardboard. Circle the outsides of the imprints and mark the centers clearly with a pen. Using a metric ruler, measure distance from center to center. Add 0–4 cm (based on your riding position) to this number to get your proper saddle size.
    • For tri positioning (torso parallel to the ground), add 0 cm.
    • For aggressive road positioning, add 1 cm.
    • For semi-aggressive road/MTB positioning (torso at a 45-degree angle), add 2 cm.
    • For commuter/urban positioning, add 3 cm.
    • For upright comfort (torso perpendicular to the ground), add 4 cm.
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  • Technical Specs

    Best Use

    Urban Cycling

    Saddle Type


    Saddle Cover Material


    Cushioning Material


    Rail Material



    14 CM: 288 x 140 millimeters

    15 CM: 288 x 150 millimeters

    16 CM: 288 x 160 millimeters


    14 CM: 470 grams

    15 CM: 475 grams

    16 CM: 480 grams



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