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However you define "workout," we've got the clothes, equipment and community to help you do it comfortably, and on your own terms.
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Work out wherever you are

Bodyweight training gives you everything you need to exercise. From shoes to apparel and more, find gear fit for every season.

Helpful advice and inspiration

An adult wearing lightweight fitness attire does a yoga pose on a mat on a wooden floor, a foam block nearby

Best Yoga Gear

Find your flow a little easier with our picks for mat, block, towel, leggings and other yoga accoutrement.
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Resistance Band Workouts

Here are four exercises you can do at home or on the road using lightweight, versatile resistance bands. Perfect for all ability levels.
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Deeply Moving with Elena Cheung

Elena Cheung discusses the importance of movement, what yoga can bring into your life and how we can all find our inner athlete.
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Fitness & yoga gear at REI

“Fitness” and “workout” are flexible words. Pun very much intended. Some people prefer their workouts to feel like play, while others savor the sweat and limit-stretching—and often literal stretching, too. (Have we mentioned how much we love yoga?) When you shop fitness and yoga at REI, you’ll find cross-activity essentials like energy food and drinks and women’s sports bras. You’ll find brands like Nike, Vuori, Prana, GU and REI Co-op. You’ll find jump ropes, water bottles, foam rollers, yoga mats, fitness trackers and a whole lot more. However you like to work out, we’ve got the clothes and equipment to help you do it comfortably, on your own terms.