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Discover your next hike

New adventures are at your fingertips in this comprehensive guide. Find GPS route info, high-res photos, maps and more. Visit or get the free app.

Plan your next MTB adventure

The most comprehensive trail database for MTB'ers. Use the app on the trail and the blue dot will show your location (even without cell service!). Visit or get the free app.

The Definitive Climbing Resource

Mountain Project is a must-have resource for every climber, whether you top out on neighborhood boulders or far-flung peaks. Visit or get the free app.

Hit your stride on new trails

Preview trail-run routes with detailed descriptions, photos and reviews. On your run, see location and elevation on a map. Visit or get the free app.

The Ultimate Guide to National Parks

Comprehensive trail info, offline maps and "best of" lists for national parks across the US, including Yosemite, Yellowstone, Zion and Rocky Mountain. Get the free app now.

Your guide to the best backcountry lines

Welcome to the next generation of off-piste trail maps. Get GPS info, elevation profiles, photos, ascent and descent info and more! Visit or get the free app.

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Hundreds of thousands of trails and climbing routes with expert-vetted, guidebook-quality listings

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Community-built trail mapping, trip reports, forums and more. Backed by REI Co-op

Free apps for on-demand trail and route details—the equivalent of 4,746 guidebooks in your pocket