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Running Shorts

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Running Shorts

You can run wearing just about any clothes, but shorts designed specifically for running can help you feel more comfortable (and less sweaty) and help prevent chafing. With so many different styles and fit, you're sure to find running shorts that suit your needs.

When choosing running shorts, consider these factors:

  • Length: Inseams on running shorts range anywhere from 2 to 7 inches or longer. Some runners prefer longer inseams for better coverage, while others prefer shorter shorts for better movement or to stay cooler. (For fuller coverage or colder weather, consider running pants or tights.)
  • Liner:Some running shorts include a built-in liner that acts as underwear. Liners can provide added support and help wick away moisture to keep you dry.
  • Pockets:Zip pockets or interior pouches on the front, side or back can hold an ID card, debit card, energy gel or even a phone.
  • Chafe-free seams:Look for flat or welded seams, and for seams placed away from areas that could impede your stride or natural running motion.

Other considerations:

  • Moisture wicking:Moisture-wicking fabrics move perspiration away from your skin to keep you dry and chafe-free while running.
  • Quick drying:Fabrics that dry quickly, such as polyester and nylon, keep you comfortable even as you work up a sweat. If you're caught in rain, they'll dry quickly to keep you from getting cold.
  • Compression: Some runners choose to wear these shorts with a snug, supportive fit on their own, while others wear compression shorts underneath other running shorts.

What to Wear Running

Once you've found shorts you love, consider other clothes and gear that can enhance your next run. A good pair of running shoes that fits you well is key to better performance and comfort. But also consider other items like running shirts, a hat to keep sun and rain out of your eyes and socks for extra cushion.

Running Accessories

Running watches can help you track your miles and progress, while foam rollers help you stretch and relax your muscles after hitting those miles. Hydration packs let you drink without breaking stride, and safety lights and vests help you be seen after dark.

More Reasons to Shop at REI

REI carries running clothing by top brands like Brooks, Oiselle, New Balance, Patagonia, rabbit and REI Co-op. We also carry a full range of running gear, and we have a library of trail-running and road-running articles to help you run your best.