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Turn your active adventures up a notch with GPS systems, heart monitors, bluetooth speakers and more.

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From finding your way to staying in touch to just plain feeling safer, the right electronics can help make your offline time even better.

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Power your fitness and health goals with vital stats, whether you want to beat your PR—or your mom in a daily-steps competition.

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Find the latest tech for the outdoors, plus the newest bags and cases for all your electronics.

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Learn the pros and cons of different battery types based on the needs of hikers, bikers, skiers and climbers.

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How to Choose and Use a GPS

Get to know the capabilities, basic functions and key features of handheld GPS receivers, plus tips on how to use your new GPS unit.

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How to Choose Fitness Electronics

Read about the different types of fitness monitors, including which ones work best for certain activities.

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Electronics & fitness trackers at REI

Last we checked, the outdoors doesn’t come equipped with electrical outlets. We’ve never seen batteries grow on trees. (If there are battery trees, they’re probably endemic to Australia.) Yet electronics can be useful or downright essential for anyone who spends time outside. REI carries an array of electronics from top brands like Garmin, GoPro and Goal Zero to support your adventurous lifestyle. Portable outdoor speakers can level up your next picnic. Satellite messengers help you stay in touch and safe. Headphones are a must for music-lovers who are into fitness. GPS watches track vital stats and can motivate you when hiking or running. And don’t forget solar panels and portable power to—ahem—motivate your electronics to keep running. Just in case you can’t find a battery tree.