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  • Running Shoe Fit

    Personalized fit with a certified Coach, Running gear, shoe selection

  • Cross Country & Snowshoe Outfitting

    Skis, snowshoes, boot fitting, accessories, etc

  • Ski & Snowboard Outfitting

    Skis, snowboards, boot fitting, bindings, etc.

  • Car Rack Outfitting Appointment

    Roof racks, hitch racks, cartop boxes, etc.

  • Climbing Outfitting Appointment

    Climbing Harnesses, ropes, shoes, etc

  • Camping & Backpacking

    Backpacks, tents, electronics, etc.

  • Paddling

    Kayaks, paddle boards, canoes, racks, etc.

  • Apparel and Travel Gear

    Apparel, travel, etc.

  • Hiking Footwear Fitting

    Hiking boot selection and fit, hiking gear.

  • Cycling

    Types of bikes, bike fit, bike racks, etc.

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How it works

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Whether you need the right fit or gear for getting every ounce of goodness out of your adventures, our team of experts is ready to help.

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Customer reviews

What others are saying about virtual outfitting

“I was super impressed that REI matched me with an expert who himself has dogs and could really talk about what it's like to take a dog into the backcountry. He helped me think of things I never would have considered”

Customer review

“Even though we set up the call specifically to determine which products we should buy, I feel like Sarah's main goal was to teach us about backpacking. It didn't feel like a sales call but more of an educational meeting. To me, this goes a long way to tell me what REI and your employees care about”

Customer review

“It allowed for time to talk through everything while being socially distanced. It was comprehensive and made me feel more educated to make purchases”

Customer review

Get to know some of our experts in outfitting

Headshot of Kevin Lau, a man wearing a blue baseball hat, black fleece jacket, and backpack while hiking on a forested trail.

Virtual outfitting

Kevin Lau

With 15+ years experience, Kevin loves to get people set up for adventures big (outfitting for Everest Base Camp trek ) and small (choosing your first touring bike).

Headshot of Brett Friedman, a man with a white beard and glasses, wearing a red jackets and black personal floatation device while sea kayaking.

Virtual outfitting

Brett Friedman

Brett has been an outdoor educator for 18 years, has written 5 books and is addicted to kayaking in Alaska.

Headshot of Alexx Dupri, a woman wearing black sunglasses and black down vest, against a backdrop of snow capped mountains.

Virtual outfitting

Alexx Dupri

Alexx is a 5 time Ironman triathlete, a 24 hour ultra marathoner, and a person who thinks biking from Alaska to Florida is a great idea.