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Women's Winter Clothing

Rain or shine (or clouds or snow), we’ve got jackets, base layers and accessories to keep you comfortable outdoors.

Helpful advice and inspiration

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How to Choose Insulated Outerwear

When it’s cold, a warm jacket adds an extra layer of comfort. Find out which insulation, features and materials are best for winter activities.
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Staff Picks: The Best Winter Jackets of 2022

Our staff shares nine of their favorite jackets for cold-weather activities, including skiing, climbing, running and more.
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Layering Basics

Learn how to regulate your body temperature during outdoor activities with three layers of clothing: base, middle and outer.
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Outerwear at REI

When the weather starts to cool, it’s time to bundle up and extend the season of outdoor fun. Puffy jackets and winter vests offer just the right amount of cozy. But when the flakes fly, snow clothing and winter hats will keep you warm when skiing, snowshoeing or playing in the snow. Add women’s winter boots or men’s winter boots for toasty toes, and you’ll be set for the season.