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How to Choose Trekking Poles

Trekking poles improve your stability by providing support for hiking on all types of terrain. Key considerations as you shop for trekking poles:

  • Length: A correctly sized pole puts your elbow at 90° when pole tips touch the ground.
  • Key features: Weight, adjustability, shock absorbers and locking mechanism.

Pole Length

Adjustable-length poles simplify finding the correct size:

  • If you're 6 feet or taller, go with a 51-inch or greater maximum length.
  • If you're shorter than 6 feet, any adjustable pole should work for you.
  • For fixed-length poles, consult the pole maker's sizing guidelines. 

Pole Features

  • Low weight: Lower swing weight makes poles easier (less fatiguing) to use - and more expensive.
  • Adjustable: Makes getting the right size simple, and allows you to shorten poles on uphills and to lengthen them on downhills; most poles adjust from about 24" to 55" long.
  • Fixed length: Fixed-length poles are less complex, saving both weight and cost.
  • Foldable: This type of fixed-length pole packs small, saves weight and is quick to deploy.
  • Shock-absorbing: Internal springs absorb shock, minimizing fatigue and wear and tear on joints. Most poles let you turn off shock absorption for uphill power.

Pole Locking Mechanisms

  • External lever lock: You open and close a curved clamp on each pole section to customize length.
  • Push-button lock: Allows you to collapse fixed-length poles down short for packing.
  • Twist lock: Requires a firm grip to operate; twist one way to tighten, the opposite to loosen.

Pole Shaft Materials

Most poles are aluminum (sturdy but slightly heavier) or a carbon fiber composite (ultralight rather than ultra-strong, and slightly higher priced).

Pole Grip Materials

  • Cork:  Absorbs sweat well, dampens vibration and conforms to your hand shape.
  • Foam:  Ultrasoft and absorbs sweat.
  • Rubber:  Insulates from the cold and absorbs vibration, though not as soft as other options.

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