REI Stewardship

We're serious about sharing our passion for the outdoors, and giving back to our members, employees and communities. Find out more below about our stewardship efforts and read our latest stewardship report.

Stewardship starts at the top

CEO Jerry Stritzke shares insights from our stewardship report and efforts to leave a long-term legacy on the outdoors.

“Stewardship is a mindset that helps us to imagine the positive, lasting impact we can have together. It helps us... to look to the future and to think about our legacy.”

– Jerry Stritzke, REI President and CEO

Stewardship in action

Product Sustainability

Leading and learning with the REI Co-Op brand

Creating Access

Protecting, sharing and investing in the outdoors

Core Practices

Powering our business with green energy

National Parks Centennial

Celebrating 100 years of service - Find Your Park!

Employee Yay Days

Giving employees paid time off to get outdoors and play

Sustainable Tourism

Connecting to other cultures through REI Adventures

Adventure Volunteers

Sending volunteers worldwide to do conservation projects

REI Village

Bringing REI Co-Op to events and gatherings