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  • When exposed to sun, the mono-crystalline cells on the Boulder 30 Solar Panel collect up to 30 watts of power, which can be stored in a portable Power Pack (sold separately)
  • Charge an Escape 150 Power Pack in 5 - 6 hrs., a Sherpa 50 Power Pack in 4 - 8 hrs. or a Yeti 150 Solar Generator in 11 - 22 hrs. (all sold separately)
  • Charge a Yeti 400 Solar Generator in 26 - 52 hrs.; use 2 linked Boulder 30 Solar Panels to charge the Yeti 1250 Solar Generator in 20 - 24 hrs (all sold separately)
  • Use the Boulder 30 with the Power Packs and Solar Generators at your cabin, in your RV or when you're camping
  • Strong, tempered glass and aluminum frame are durable enough for temporary or permanent installation
  • Multiple Boulder 30 panels can be linked together to maximize power collection and reduce recharging time
  • The Goal Zero Boulder 30 Solar Panel features 18 - 20V open-circuit voltage, 17 - 18% converting efficiency and 8mm output port with 12V charging power


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Best Use Camping
Charge Time (hrs) Variable depending on device
Solar Cell Output Capacity 30 watts
Battery Storage Capacity (mAh) None
Power Output To Device (mA) 14-16V 2000 mA (30W)
Material(s) Mono-crystalline / glass / aluminum
Dimensions 21 x 18 x 1 inches
Weight 6 lbs. 8 oz.