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  • Performance cyclists know it's more efficient energy usage to maintain a set cadence than chase a set speed over varying terrain; GSC 10 makes it easy
  • Works with many Garmin units, including models in the Virb, Edge, Fenix, Tactix, Forerunner, Dakota, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Rino, Etrex and GPSMAP series
  • Garmin GSC 10 Speed and Cadence sensor weighs 1.3 oz. and measures 2.75 x 1 in.


Compatible GPS Receivers as of Spring 2014: Aviator Action Pack (D2 and VIRB Elite Aviation Bundle), Colorado 300, Colorado 400c, Colorado 400i, Colorado 400t, Dakota 20, Edge 305, Edge 500, Edge 510, Edge 705, Edge 800, Edge 810, eTrex 30, Fenix, Fenix 2, Forerunner 305, Forerunner 310XT, Forerunner 405, Forerunner 405CX, Forerunner 410, Forerunner 50, Forerunner 610, Forerunner 910XT, Foretrex 401, FR60, FR70, GPSMAP 62s, GPSMAP 62st, GPSMAP 62sc, GPSMAP 62stc, GPSMAP 64s, GPSMAP64st, GPSMAP 78s, GPSMAP78sc, Montana 650t, Montana 650, Montana 600, Monterra, Oregon 300, Oregon 400c, Oregon 400i, Oregon 400t, Oregon 450, Oregon 450t, Oregon 550, Oregon 550t, Oregon 600, Oregon 600t, Oregon 650, Oregon 650t, Rino 650, Rino 655t, tactix, VIRB Elite, VIRB Elite Aviation Bundle

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