Quick Reference Publishing Butterflies of Indiana

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This waterproof, pocket-size guide—Butterflies of Indiana—beautifully illustrates 58 species of butterflies in the state, as well as 26 species of their close relatives, the skippers.


  • The Hoosier State has many interesting natural communities to explore, including rich hardwood forests, prairies, old fields, fens, marshes, swamps and dune habitats
  • The butterflies of Indiana are a mix of southern, midwestern and northern species
  • Includes the Eastern tiger swallowtail, orange sulphur, red admiral, mourning cloak, monarch, falcate orangetip, Olympia marble, harvester, Baltimore checkerspot and more
  • Features color photos in a side-by-side format that's ideal for field use
  • Lists common and scientific names, adult size, season when they can be found and their caterpillar host plants
  • Includes tips on finding butterflies and caterpillars, plus an illustrated life cycle of the pipevine swallowtail
  • Conveniently folds up in to a packet narrow enough to fit in a back pocket
  • Waterproof and sturdy enough to stand up under repeated use
  • Scientifically accurate in each subject matter
  • Nature enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy using this guide

Made in USA.

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