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Explore lightweight tents, backpacks and gear that will take you to the backcountry and beyond.

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A backpacker kneels and adjusts a small pack beside a one-person tent set up on an overlook, rugged peaks stretching to the horizon beyond

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Pack these ten items every time you venture into the outdoors and you’ll be better prepared for almost any emergency.

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In a grassy clearing flanked by trees and distant mountains, an adult in a knit cap and jacket works on an indistinct handheld task—possibly sparking a fire—while two others set up a tent

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This collection serves up our lightest gear so you can focus on the trail, not your pack weight.

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Best Backpacking Packs of 2022: Staff Picks

Our recommended load haulers for every trip, from quick overnights to weeklong epics.

Two adults with backpacks and a pitched tent in a cactus-studded valley, surrounded by grassy foothills and desert peaks
Best Backpacking Tents of 2022: Tested

We tested these tents in remote deserts, wind-whipped ranges, and everywhere in between.

In a rocky scrubland landscape, two adults in lightweight outdoor apparel relax with beverages next to an unzipped tent
Best Backpacking Stoves: Staff Picks

Which fuel? Canister or nah? What about altitude? Our experts untangle the stove question.

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There’s something freeing about hitting the trail, trekking poles in hand, with all the backpacking gear you need in your backpack. Whether you head out solo or with friends, don’t forget to bring the backpacking essentialsbackpacking food, bivy sacks, headlamps and more – that will turn your next night under the stars into a perfect adventure.