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Patagonia Women's Fleece and Soft-Shell Jackets

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Buying Tips for Patagonia Women's Fleeces

Are you searching for the right Patagonia women's fleece jacket? These quintessential outdoor pieces have feminine seam lines and comfortable warmth for adventurers who want to stay outside for longer.

As a company, Ventura, California-based Patagonia keeps protecting the planet at the center of everything it does. Patagonia believes in stewardship, sustainability and making a positive impact with gear and clothing.

Fleece ensures your warmth doesn't escape and creates a barrier against cold temperatures. Better yet, fleece is lightweight, breathable and insulates even when wet. It also dries faster than other materials and has a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than wool.

What else do you need to know when choosing a women's Patagonia fleece? You should think about your needed fleece weight: lightweight is ideal for aerobic activity or mild weather; midweight is perfect for moderate activity or chilly climates; and expedition-weight is a good choice for low activity or very cold temperatures.

Wind fleece is a great option if you're expecting windy weather. It uses a hidden membrane to stop wind while still allowing for breathability. Other features include pockets, snaps or zip up fleece. You'll want to make sure the small details match your chosen activity. Decide if you need a hood or longer length too--Patagonia fleece comes in a wide variety of options.

At REI you'll find the top-rated and top-selling women's clothing from Patagonia, and we love offering sale and clearance deals and bargains for you as well.