REI Governance

About the REI board

REI's board is legally responsible by statute, and its articles of incorporation and bylaws, for the overall direction of the affairs and the performance of REI. The board carries out this legal responsibility by establishing broad policy and by monitoring management within the framework of these broad policy guidelines.

The following links provide more information on REI's board, its responsibilities, and the co-op's governance.

Consideration for board service

REI is the nation's largest consumer co-operative. A professional management team and staff operate REI, and a board of directors selected from REI's membership oversees the company. The co-op's board can have a maximum of 14 members. Directors are elected from REI's membership and serve staggered three-year terms. REI's president and CEO is a member of the board. Each year, one of the outside directors is elected to serve as the board's chair.

As required by our co-op bylaws, the board’s Nominating and Governance Committee is responsible for the process of identifying, recruiting and recommending diverse, highly qualified candidates to be placed on the yearly ballot.

Members may bring themselves to the attention of the Nominating and Governance Committee to be considered for board service during the self-nomination window each year. The self-nomination will proceed as usual for the 2024 ballot.

Candidates will be evaluated by the committee and the full board approves the slate of candidates to appear on the ballot for election to the Board.

  • Nominee Criteria: Review specific requirements qualified candidates will need to possess to be considered
  • Nomination Forms: Complete and return these forms to no later than Friday, October 13, 2023, by 5pm Pacific