REI Board of Directors

REI is the nation's largest consumer co-operative. A professional management team and staff operate REI, and a board of directors selected from REI's membership oversees the company. The co-op's board can have a maximum of 14 members. Directors are elected from REI's membership and serve staggered three-year terms. REI's president and CEO is a member of the board by virtue of the position. Each year, one of the outside directors is elected to serve as the board's chair.

As required by our co-op bylaws, the board’s Nominating and Governance Committee is responsible for the process of identifying, recruiting and recommending diverse, highly-qualified candidates to be placed on the yearly ballot.


members of the r e i board of directors


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2022-2023 Board officers and committee chairs:

REI Board members and the year their current terms expire:

  • Gunjan Bhow, Menlo Park, CA: Executive, global retail, digital media, and e-commerce (2023)
  • Beth Newlands Campbell, Cape Elizabeth, ME: Retired President, supermarket retailer (2024)
  • Chris Carr, Bellevue, WA: Executive, national seasonal restaurant (2024)
  • Matt Compton, Portland, OR: Startup executive and venture capitalist (2025)
  • Ivy Chin, Cleveland, OH: Executive, global paint and coating manufacturer, distribution, wholesale and retail (2023)
  • Karen (Kari) Glover, Seattle, WA: Attorney, retired managing partner (2023)
  • Elizabeth (Liz) Huebner, Bellevue, WA: Retired financial executive (2025)
  • Dr. Michael McAfee, Oakland, CA: President & CEO, national research and action institute focused on advancing racial and economic equity (2025)
  • James (Jim) Murren, Las Vegas, NV: Retired executive, crisis response specialist (2024)
  • Edward (Ted) Philip, Jupiter, FL: COO, Partners in Health, a global healthcare and poverty relief non-profit (2023)
  • Sharon Philpott, White Salmon, WA: Certified public accountant (2023)
  • Dagoberto (Bert) Quintana, Key Largo, FL: Retired President, global customer care provider (2024)
  • Anthony (Tony) Truesdale, Scottsdale, AZ: Retired CEO, national nutritional products retailer (2025)