2018 REI Board of Directors

2018 R E I board of directors

Top row (left to right)—Bert Quintana, Sharon Philpott, Chris Carr, Jerry Stritzke, Tony Truesdale, Mary Beth Laughton, Steve Hooper, Stephen Lockhart.  Bottom row (left to right)—John Hamlin, Matt Compton, Beth Newlands Campbell, Karen (Kari) Glover.

REI is the nation's largest consumer cooperative. A professional management team and staff operate REI, and a board of directors selected from REI's membership oversees the company. The co-op's board can have a maximum of 13 members. Directors are elected from REI's membership and serve staggered three-year terms. REI's President and CEO is a member of the board by virtue of the position. Each year, one of the outside directors is elected to serve as the board's chair.

As required by our co-op bylaws, the board’s Nominating and Governance Committee is responsible for the process of identifying, recruiting and recommending diverse, highly-qualified candidates to be placed on the yearly ballot.

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2017 Board officers and committee chairs

REI board members and the year their current terms expire

  • Chris Carr, Bellevue, Wash.: Executive, global beverage company (2021)
  • Matt Compton, Portland, Ore.: Startup executive and venture capitalist (2021)
  • Karen E. (Kari) Glover, Seattle, Wash.: Attorney (2020)
  • John Hamlin, Austin, Texas: President and managing partner, private equity firm (2019)
  • Steven Hooper, Bellevue, Wash.: Founder and partner, venture capital firm (2019)
  • Mary Beth Laughton, Mill Valley, Calif.: Executive vice president, international retailer (2020)
  • Steve Lockhart, Oakland, Calif.: Chief medical officer, regional health system (2021)
  • Beth Newlands Campbell, Oakville, Ont.: President, supermarket retailer (2021)
  • Sharon Philpott, White Salmon, Wash.: Certified public accountant (2020)
  • Bert Quintana, Key Largo, Fla.: Retired President, global customer care provider (2019)
  • Jerry Stritzke, Seattle, Wash.: REI President and CEO (by virtue of position)
  • Anthony Truesdale, Mountain Lakes, N.J.: Retired CEO, national nutritional products retailer (2019)