Board Election Process

The REI board of directors' annual election is the responsibility of the Nominating and Governance Committee. Each fall the Nominating and Governance Committee submits proposed nominations to the board for approval. A ballot with the board-endorsed nominees is available to active members prior to REI's annual member's meeting. Materials provided to active members include a biographical sketch of each candidate, nominating instructions, and a ballot. Ballots are received and counted by an independent tabulator. Election results are announced at REI's annual meeting.

The REI election uses a "majority vote" process in its director election. For a candidate to be seated on the board, the majority of the ballots cast for the nominee must be affirmative ("For"). A nominee who fails to receive a majority of "For" votes will not be seated, and the open position will be filled by board appointment until the next election cycle.

Consideration for board service

Members may bring themselves to the attention of the Nominating and Governance Committee to be considered for board service during the self-nomination window each summer. Candidates will be evaluated by the committee and the full board approves the slate of candidates to appear on the ballot each spring.

Click here to cast your ballot before May 1, 11:59pm PT.