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Honored with Health Magazine's ''Best In Food'' award, the delicious PROBAR Meal bars supply all natural food for extra endurance, fast recovery and meal replacement.

  • Features

    • Made with organic ingredients, this all-natural bar is blended, not baked, to retain the highest level of vital nutrients and preserve taste
    • With over 15 whole foods, these 100% vegan bars combine the tantalizing tastes of whole grain, fruits and nuts for a truly unique flavor experience
    • PROBAR also requires less hydration to break down than other bars because of the perfect balance of protein and sodium
    • Low protein ratio is ideal for lasting endurance; low glycemic-index foods keep insulin spiking to a minimum, preventing fast sugar drops (bonking)
    • Bars make an excellent meal replacement option, providing slow, clean-burning energy throughout the day; combine with fruit or a glass of soy milk
    • Well-balanced fat content with essential fatty acids, poly- and mono-saturated and unsaturated fats helps curb endless food cravings
    • Long shelf life without use of preservatives
    • Allergy sufferers need to be aware that PROBAR contains tree nuts and seeds and is packaged on equipment that processes legumes (peanuts)
    • For additional ingredient and nutrition information, please see the PDF file located to the right
    • Nutrition facts and ingredients displayed here may differ from what is printed on the packaging; information on packaging reflects actual contents

    Made in USA.

    Ingredients: oats (organic rolled oats, rolled oats) organic peanut butter, organic brown rice syrup, organic raisins, organic dates, organic raw sunflower seeds, organic raw coconut, carob chips (whole grain malted barley and corn, palm kernel oil, carob powder, soy lecithin), raw cashews, organic rolled rye, raw organic brown flax seed, raw organic brown sesame seed, raw almonds, organic evaporated cane juice, pineapple, papaya, organic soy oil, expeller pressed canola oil, raw brazil nuts, raw pumpkin seed, organic brown crisp rice (organic brown rice flour, organic molasses, sea salt), corn flakes (milled corn, barley malt syrup), oat bran, organic oat solids, hemp seed, apples, epazote leaf, organic cardamom seed, organic fennel seed, organic fenugreek seed, organic nutmeg, natural orange oil, natural vitamin E

    All natural product may contain pit pieces, nutshells and other organic matter.

    Certified organic by the state of Utah.
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  • Technical Specs

    Best Use


    Best Consumed

    Before Activity

    Serving Size

    1 bar

    Servings per Container


    Calories per Serving

    350 - 390

    Calories from Fat

    150 - 180

    Total Fat

    17 - 20 grams

    Saturated Fat

    5 - 6 grams

    Trans Fat

    0 grams


    0 milligrams


    30 - 90 milligrams


    46 - 49 grams


    150 - 210 milligrams

    Dietary Fiber

    6 - 7 grams


    21 - 31 grams


    8 - 9 grams







    Net Weight

    3 ounces


    Certified organic

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