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  • Baseplate features magnifying lens, straight edge and inch markings for accurate map reading
  • Declination scale is adjustable to account for the difference between magnetic and true North; adjustment key is included on lanyard
  • Easy-grip bezel reads in 2-degree increments and features luminous outer ring for low-light reading


There has never been a compass that could function flawlessly in all zones of the world--until now! Compass accuracy outside of limited latitudes can be flawed as changes in the magnetic field affect the position of the needle. Suunto's Global compass needle solves this problem with a patented structural innovation. The needle and magnet are built as separate units functioning independently from each other, so that the inclination of the magnetic field cannot tilt the needle.

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Best Use Backpacking
Analog Or Digital Analog
Increments 2 degrees
Scale 1:24,000 Yes
Declination Adjustment Yes
Sighting Mirror Yes
Global Needle Yes
Liquid-Filled Yes
Floats No
Luminous Points/Bezel Points/bezel
Clinometer Yes
Ruler Yes
Magnifying Lens Yes
Lanyard Yes
Dimensions 3.9 x 2.5 inches
Declination Scale Yes
Weight 2.6 ounces