Edelrid Ohm Assisted Braking Device

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Helping climbers with larger weight differences to climb together indoors and out, the Edelrid Ohm assisted braking device increases rope friction so a lighter belayer can hold a heavier lead climber.


  • Ohm attaches at the first bolt in the safety chain; in the event of a fall, the rope is pulled into the device's braking unit and the fall is progressively arrested
  • With Ohm, belay normally with your preferred belay device; Ohm is not a replacement for a belay device
  • The Ohm makes it easier for a belayer to hold a fall and limits how high he or she is pulled off the ground; this can help reduce the distance a lead climber falls
  • Lowering a heavier climber is also easier to control
  • Ohm does not increase friction for the lead climber, nor does it negatively affect paying out the rope
  • For single ropes with diameters of 8.9 to 11mm
  • Recommended weight difference (lead climber > belayer): 25–85 lbs.; minimum belayer weight 85 lbs.


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Technical Specs

Best Use

Rock Climbing

Assisted Braking


Suitable for Belaying


Fits Rope Sizes

8.9-11 millimeters


470 grams

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