We made it official

Since 2015, we’ve closed our doors on Black Friday, choosing time outside over the busiest in-store shopping day of the year.

This year, we’re committing to it, for good.

A group of hikers rest on a log in the sun on an autumn day

On Black Friday we want to recognize the value of time spent outside and the impacts it has on our well-being.

Join us in making Opt Outside part of your Black Friday traditions with inspiration for your next adventure in the outdoors.

Two bikers laugh as they ride through the street

Outdoor fun, here we come

Get tips on the skills & gear you’ll need for amazing adventures of all sizes.

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A group of hikers plot their route on a map that is spread out on the ground

Explore the power of time spent outside

Dig into articles, films & podcasts dedicated to showcasing the diverse experiences and relationships people have with the outdoors.

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A group of travelers walk across a bridge

Enjoy hassle-free adventuring

Leave all the packing & planning to the co-op, all you have to do is show up and have fun!

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A group of friends enjoy a nice day outside in the sun

Discover local events near you

Get to know the people, wildlife & natural history of your community.

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A hiker admires the view from the summit of a trail

Opt Outside on Black Friday with the co-op

Since 2015, we’ve closed our doors on the busiest shopping day of the year to #OptOutside. We hope you join us.