Kids lay down in the field of their local park and enjoy the sunshine.
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Outdoor Equity

Help Pass the Outdoors for All Act

Let’s close the nature gap so that everyone can access time outside.

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Let's close the nature gap, for good.

Every person deserves to enjoy the outdoors and connect to nature for their health and wellbeing.

Yet today, 100 million Americans live without a quality park within a 10-minute walk from home. In far too many low-income neighborhoods and urban areas, quality time outside is out of reach due to systemic barriers that prevent people – disproportionately communities of color – from enjoying nearby green spaces. The Outdoors for All Act seeks to close this nature gap by making a program called the Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program permanent law, securing funding for green spaces in underserved communities.

In our mission to get everyone--regardless of where they live--Outside in 5 minutes or less, passing this act is an important step. 

The good news is this bill is getting increased attention in Congress, but we need to work together to get this across the finish line. That's where you come in. Let's make getting to the park a walk in the park. 

Take Cooperative Action by urging Congress to support the Outdoors for All Act.