Every action matters

Today we Opt to Act.

Together, on Black Friday, we started something with a nationwide cleanup for #OptOutside. Keep the action going with the Opt to Act Plan: 52 weeks of simple challenges to reduce your impact, get active, and leave the world better than you found it.

Together our action goes further.

We opt to fight for life

What REI is doing

#OptOutside began as a moment that turned into a movement. Now it's a mission⁠—that's why we're equipping everyone to act. But when it comes to reducing our impact, we know individual choices aren’t the whole story. Businesses need to act, too. Here’s how we Opt to Act:

We closed our doors on Black Friday and paid our 13,000+ employees to #OptOutside and make a difference.

We’re rethinking our entire business and giving all our members a way to engage in a circular economy.

We're reducing waste across the co-op and working to get rid of unnecessary waste across our industry.

We're committed to fight for life outdoors every day, so expect more plans and action from us in 2020.

This year, #OptOutside was the beginning.

On Black Friday, all across the nation, we got out and cleaned up. Now it's time to keep going. Stay engaged in the fight for life outdoors with Sustainable Living on REI Conversations.