Give yourself some space #optoutside

On Black Friday we close our doors and go outside. Because that’s where we feel good, and awesome, and human. Luckily, we have 364 other days to get out there, too. Join us!

It's amazing what a couple of hours outside can do for your well-being.

How to recreate responsibly

Playing outside responsibly in COVID times is possible. Here’s what that means and how to do it.

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95 ways to spend more time outside:

Listen to the ocean Count the stars Surround yourself with trees Climb the biggest hill you can see Chase your dog Let your dog chase you
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A river flowing through a desert canyon.

Why we need access to the outdoors more than ever

Amid the pandemic, one outdoorist, writer and REI member realizes just how vital nature is to her healing.

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Fresh air is a state of mind.
One we could all use a little
more of these days.

Could the pandemic change our outdoor habits?

Here’s what past research suggests.

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Peace out. hashtag opt outside

Since 2015, we’ve closed our doors on the busiest shopping day of the year to #OptOutside. We hope you join us.