Every day is a good to hashtag opt outside.

Spending time outdoors is important. So we pay our employees to #OptOutside every Black Friday, and invite the world to join. But #OptOutside is bigger than just one day. It’s about our routines throughout the year—the ones we need and the ones we need to rethink.

We spend the majority of our time indoors. Staring at screens.

Heck, you’re on one right now. But what if we looked up rather than down? Felt the cool breeze rustling through the trees rather than the cold slickness of our screens?

More and more studies show the value of spending time outside. And we’re not talking major excursions, but small jaunts to your local park. Perhaps a park prescription is just what we all need.

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#OptOutside isn't just about Black Friday. It's become a movement much larger than us. It's a mindset. It's about choosing to spend more time outside all year long and of recognizing the importance the outdoors has on our health and well-being.