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Imagine if everyone felt
welcome outside.

Outdoor culture isn't inviting for many communities. But together we can change it.

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The REI Cooperative Action Fund is a nonprofit that partners with and supports organizations creating a more welcoming outdoor culture.

We invite you to learn about the grantees and reflect on how we can build a better outdoor culture together.

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Meet some of the organizations supported by the REI Cooperative Action Fund

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Wild Diversity

Wild Diversity helps create personal connections in the outdoors that feel safe and welcoming for Black, Indigenous, People of Color and LGBTQ+ communities through outdoor adventures and education.

We want our community to be prepared and able to take care of themselves and be resilient with anything that comes at them.
—Mercy M’fon, Executive Director
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Center for Native American Youth

The Center for Native American Youth is a youth-led organization with programming infused with Indigenous curriculum dedicated to improving the health, safety and overall well-being of Native youth.

Too often young people are left out of the conversation.
—Nikki Pitre, Executive Director
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Adaptive Adventures

Adaptive Adventures provides outdoor sports opportunities to children, adults, and veterans with physical disabilities and their families regardless of their location, equipment needs or economic status.

Normalize that anybody, regardless of their ability level, can be outdoors and enjoy it at the same level as everybody else.
—Chelsea Elder, Executive Director
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Friends of the LA River

Friends of the LA River work to mobilize over 50,000 Los Angeles residents to achieve climate resilience, park equity and environmental health for everyone through cleanups, educational programs and advocacy.

Hopefully in 10 years it will be a no brainer that this river, when it’s functioning properly, actually does help us fight climate change.
—Kenyauda Brewington, VP of Development
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Children & Nature Network

Children & Nature Network works nationally to increase equitable access to the benefits of nature by mobilizing leaders, educators and caregivers to incorporate connections to nature everywhere children live, learn and play.

Access to green space is vital, not just for children today, but children of the future.
—Laura Mylan, SVP, External Relations
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Time outside is a human right.

REI Co-op founded the REI Cooperative Action Fund to give all of us a way to contribute to positive change. The 501(c)(3) Fund makes grants to nonprofits that promote justice, equity and belonging in the outdoors. Every dollar donated makes a difference, thanks to the collective power of the co-op.

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The future of outside looks like Black, Indigenous, Queer and Trans people being able to be out in the woods without thinking about whether or not they're going to make it back out.
—Alberta, she/her
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Outside hasn't always felt like an inviting place to be. Hiking, camping, fishing—those things aren't always accessible to someone with a disability. I've had to be sort of selective in my experiences.
—Moranda, they/them
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Make the outdoors open to all.

When you donate to the REI Cooperative Action Fund you're supporting the work of organizations across the country dedicated to the pursuit of an accessible outdoors for all.

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