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Camping & Hiking Gear

From backpacking to day camping, the co-op can get you the right gear to get you out there in no time.

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REI x Hipcamp

REI members can find, reserve, and save on some of the best campsites in the country when booking through Hipcamp.
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Find your next adventure with Hipcamp

Book something spontaneous or plan ahead while supporting conservation efforts and reconnecting with the outdoors.
Rashad Frazier, founder of Camp Yoshi, is cooking using a wok on a gas burner. Veggies are shown mid-air. He’s wearing a yellow shirt and a tan cap.

Camp Yoshi

Meet Rashad Frazier, founder of Camp Yoshi. He’s created an inclusive outdoor camping experience centered around shared meals with the goal of creating a space for Black people and allies to unplug and reconnect with the wilderness.
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Camping & hiking gear at REI

No matter how you spend time outdoors there’s just something about the experience that makes you feel more alive. From grabbing an ice cold beverage from your YETI cooler to eating backpacking food by headlamp in your bivy sack there’s no wrong way to enjoy the great outdoors. Maybe it’s firing up your camping stove in your camp kitchen before heading to your roof top tent that you crave, or the gentle sway of your camping hammock. Whether you camp or hike for solitude or to share the experience with others we get it. We know how you feel.