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Whether you’re day camping or hiking into your secret spot, camp prep is a breeze with the right gear and helpful co-op guidance.

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REI + Hipcamp

Members can find, reserve and save on unique campsites and getaways when booking through Hipcamp.
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For the whole family

Take your budding adventurers outside with these kid-friendly stays, hand-picked by Hipcamp + REI.
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Why book with Hipcamp

Private camping at Hipcamp sites can offer a more intimate alternative to often crowded national and state parks.
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Camping gear at REI

Waking up after a cozy night in a sleeping bag and crawling out of a tent (or climbing out of a roof top tent) to face the day can turn a good morning into the best morning. Turn your next campsite into a home away from home with the camping gear and camping accessories, including camping chairs, lanterns, stoves and more – and make the best morning an even better day outdoors.