Financial information

REI is a consumer cooperative and reports its financial results to members each year to coincide with the annual distribution of member rewards. Here, you can find information about the co-op’s annual financial results, including the most recent audited financial report.

More in-depth information is available at the following links:

2022 Financials Press Release
2022 Audited Financial Statements
2022 Executive Compensation

Public disclosures

Federal and state laws require REI to file forms describing certain, more detailed, aspects of our work on policy matters. These disclosures are updated on a regular basis. We believe the most useful tools for tracking the data are:

With respect to financing campaigns for public office, REI as a company makes no contributions to candidates, either directly or indirectly via super PACs. REI employees and executives may choose to make personal contributions to political campaigns. In addition, the OIA operates a political action committee, and eligible REI employees may make contributions to it. At both the federal level and the state level, there are systems in place that capture and disclose information about campaign contributions. In our view, the best tools for tracking that data are: