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  • Kernmantle construction—braided nylon sheath over nylon strand core—offers low static elongation and superior resistance to abrasion
  • Max-Wear™ nylon sheath offers extra-durable wear; stiffer than most ropes, making it less knotable
  • Diameter is 11mm (0.43 in.) which is ~7/16in.

Made in USA.

A favorite of cavers and search-and-rescue teams, this low-stretch static rope features an extra-durable nylon sheath for long wear. Kernmantle construction with Max-Wear™; braided nylon sheath over a nylon strand core provides superior abrasion-resistance and low static elongation. Sold by the foot.

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Best Use Climbing
Rope Type Static
Rope Diameter (mm) 11 millimeters
Dimensions 0.43 inches
Strength 26.9 kilonewtons
Dry Treatment Non-dry
Weight Per Foot 24.9 grams