Industry Nine  Hydra Classic Hub

$240.00to $470.00
Color: Black
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With generously low weights and an intuitive layout that can be serviced without any proprietary tools, the Industry Nine Hydra Classic hub keeps you in the saddle and out of the service queue.


  • Rear hub features a Hydra Freehub body with 690 points of engagement; this system engages every 0.52° for a high level of control
  • Classic J-bend spoke interface
  • Easily serviced with no proprietary tools; designed to keep you in the saddle and out of the service queue
  • Shells, axles and end caps made from 7075-T6 aluminum; Pawls and driverings made from wire EDM cutting A2 tool steel
  • Steel cartridge bearings are durable
  • Every step of design, engineering, manufacturing, anodization and assembly is done to exacting standards

Made in USA.

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Technical Specs

Item #214843
Best Use

Mountain Biking

Hub Position

Front 15x110MM/6B/28H: Front

Front 15x110MM/6B/32H: Front

Rear 12x148MM/XD/6B/32H: Rear

Rear 12x148MM/MS/6B/32H: Rear

Rear 12x157MM/XD/6B/32H: Rear

Rear 12x157MM/XD/6B/32H: Rear

Hub Brake Design

6-bolt Disc

Freehub Standard

Front 15x110MM/6B/28H: Not Applicable

Front 15x110MM/6B/32H: Not Applicable

Rear 12x148MM/XD/6B/32H: SRAM XD

Rear 12x148MM/MS/6B/32H: Shimano Micro Spline

Rear 12x157MM/XD/6B/32H: SRAM XD

Rear 12x157MM/XD/6B/32H: SRAM XD

Spoke Interface


Axle Type


Axle Spacing

Front 15x110MM/6B/28H: 15 x 110 mm Thru-Axle (Boost)

Front 15x110MM/6B/32H: 15 x 110 mm Thru-Axle (Boost)

Rear 12x148MM/XD/6B/32H: 12 x 148 mm Thru-Axle (Boost)

Rear 12x148MM/MS/6B/32H: 12 x 148 mm Thru-Axle (Boost)

Rear 12x157MM/XD/6B/32H: 12 x 157 mm Thru-Axle

Rear 12x157MM/XD/6B/32H: 12 x 157 mm Thru-Axle



Spoke Hole Count

Front 15x110MM/6B/28H: 28

Front 15x110MM/6B/32H: 32

Rear 12x148MM/XD/6B/32H: 32

Rear 12x148MM/MS/6B/32H: 32

Rear 12x157MM/XD/6B/32H: 32

Rear 12x157MM/XD/6B/32H: 32

Bearing Type


Rear Hub Gearing



Front 15x110MM/6B/28H: 165 grams

Front 15x110MM/6B/32H: 165 grams

Rear 12x148MM/XD/6B/32H: 286 grams

Rear 12x148MM/MS/6B/32H: 286 grams

Rear 12x157MM/XD/6B/32H: 291 grams

Rear 12x157MM/XD/6B/32H: 291 grams


7075-T6 aluminum; A2 tool steel

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