Industry Nine  1/1 Classic Hub

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Color: Black
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With a no-nonsense design, CNC-machined construction and robust seals, the Industry Nine 1/1 Classic hub is a confident, capable choice for hitting the trails and cleaning the A line.


  • Rear hub features a dual-phased pawl drive mechanism with 90 points for 4° engagement, thanks to a 6-pawl driver and 45-tooth drive-ring
  • Classic J-bend spoke interface
  • High-load sealed cartridge bearings
  • Robust protection system uses a labyrinth radial lip seal and endcap proximity seals that are unencumbered by bearing wear or preload
  • Service-friendly retained pawls actuated by durable leaf-springs
  • CNC machined, anodized and assembled entirely in Asheville, North Carolina

Made in USA.

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Technical Specs

Item #214842
Best Use

Mountain Biking

Hub Position

Front 12x100MM/CL/28H: Front

Front 15x110MM/6B/32H: Front

Rear 12x148MM/XD/6B/32H: Rear

Rear 12x142MM/XD/CL/28H: Rear

Rear 12x142MM/HG/CL/24H: Rear

Rear 12x142MM/HG/CL/28H: Rear

Rear 12x148MM/MS/6B/28H: Rear

Rear 12x148MM/HG/6B/32H: Rear

Hub Brake Design

Front 12x100MM/CL/28H: Center Lock Disc

Front 15x110MM/6B/32H: 6-bolt Disc

Rear 12x148MM/XD/6B/32H: 6-bolt Disc

Rear 12x142MM/XD/CL/28H: Center Lock Disc

Rear 12x142MM/HG/CL/24H: 6-bolt Disc

Rear 12x142MM/HG/CL/28H: Center Lock Disc

Rear 12x148MM/MS/6B/28H: 6-bolt Disc

Rear 12x148MM/HG/6B/32H: 6-bolt Disc

Freehub Standard

Front 12x100MM/CL/28H: Not Applicable

Front 15x110MM/6B/32H: Not Applicable

Rear 12x148MM/XD/6B/32H: Shimano Hyperglide (HG)

Rear 12x142MM/XD/CL/28H: SRAM XD

Rear 12x142MM/HG/CL/24H: Shimano Hyperglide (HG)

Rear 12x142MM/HG/CL/28H: Shimano Hyperglide (HG)

Rear 12x148MM/MS/6B/28H: Shimano Micro Spline

Rear 12x148MM/HG/6B/32H: SRAM XD

Spoke Interface


Axle Type


Axle Spacing

Front 12x100MM/CL/28H: 12 x 100 mm Thru-Axle

Front 15x110MM/6B/32H: 15 x 110 mm Thru-Axle (Boost)

Rear 12x148MM/XD/6B/32H: 12 x 148 mm Thru-Axle (Boost)

Rear 12x142MM/XD/CL/28H: 12 x 142 mm Thru-Axle

Rear 12x142MM/HG/CL/24H: 12 x 142 mm Thru-Axle

Rear 12x142MM/HG/CL/28H: 12 x 142 mm Thru-Axle

Rear 12x148MM/MS/6B/28H: 12 x 148 mm Thru-Axle (Boost)

Rear 12x148MM/HG/6B/32H: 12 x 148 mm Thru-Axle (Boost)


Front 12x100MM/CL/28H: Not Applicable

Front 15x110MM/6B/32H: Not Applicable

Rear 12x148MM/XD/6B/32H: 11-speed

Rear 12x142MM/XD/CL/28H: 12-speed

Rear 12x142MM/HG/CL/24H: 11-speed

Rear 12x142MM/HG/CL/28H: 11-speed

Rear 12x148MM/MS/6B/28H: 12-speed

Rear 12x148MM/HG/6B/32H: 12-speed

Spoke Hole Count


Bearing Type


Rear Hub Gearing



Front 12x100MM/CL/28H: 138 grams

Front 15x110MM/6B/32H: 165 grams

Rear 12x148MM/XD/6B/32H: 295 grams

Rear 12x142MM/XD/CL/28H: 282 grams

Rear 12x142MM/HG/CL/24H: 282 grams

Rear 12x142MM/HG/CL/28H: 282 grams

Rear 12x148MM/MS/6B/28H: 295 grams

Rear 12x148MM/HG/6B/32H: 295 grams


CNC-anodized aluminum

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