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How can I get my hiking boots resoled?

I have Asolo boots that I love.  520 Evo Gore Tex.  The soles are falling off after 12 years.

Can I get them re-soled?  If so, how? Where?

Thank you,

Duane Snyder

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@duanesnyder thanks for the question! The quick answer is maybe - it depends a little on the shape the midsole is in. If it's intact, then yes, the soles can usually be replaced. If it's deteriorating, resoling typically won't work. If you want to upload pictures here in the community, we can consult on the likelihood of resoling your boots.

Although we don't do this kind of repair at REI, we work closely with and recommend Dave Page Cobbler in Seattle for doing this kind of work. Hope this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@duanesnyder Vibram resoles boots. I had my Lowa Camino GTX trekking boots resoled recently. It cost me $80.00. Being that the boots cost about $300, and have about 200% more life in them, this was an excellent option. Vibram has a "cobbler locator" at  I'm not sure if it's appropriate to add a link to a business other than REI in this platform. If not, I apologize to the Admin and REI folks.

@BlueRidge completely appropriate - thanks for adding another recommendation!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi Duane,

I too have used Asolo 502 boots, but I cannot find anyone to resole them.  I took them to a repair shop in Folsom CA, but the craftsman told me that Asolo is not being made with the same quality, and he said that in the future, avoid boots made in China, and look for Swiss-made boots.  When I pressed him for a brand name, he said he could not remember.  That leaves me with a $300 pair of boots that I can't resole.  Bummer.  I wish you luck.


Asolo offers a resoling service.


Hannah - I had mine done here - - they put new Vibram soles on a pair of Asolo's that I wore through.  Better than new now.  Great work.



I would try another shop.  I'll bet any competent shoe guy can do a decent job.  I have had good success with local outfits over the years.

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