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About Petzl

These days we take headlamps for granted, but when Petzl first put a light on a headband in 1972, a hands-free revolution was born. Petzl lights and climbing gear offer a bright idea for every type of situation where hands-free lighting and vertical mobility is needed, from home repairs to pre-dawn mountaineering.

In addition to making headlamps, Petzl is a leader in the vertical world, with expertly crafted technical climbing gear. Every product Petzl makes, including harnesses, carabiners, pulleys, ropes, ice axes, helmets and more, whether for rock climbing or snow and ice, is made to fulfill a specific climbing need. Prepare for your mountaineering or ice climbing adventures with Petzl gear and safety equipment, including Petzl ice tools such as ice axes, mountaineering crampons and snow anchors, all tested in the field. This development process is applied to all their gear, including climbing hardware, harnesses and helmets, kids' harnesses, ropes, cords and slings and other climbing essentials.

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