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About Oakley

Self-professed mad scientist Jim Jannard founded Oakley in 1975 in Orange County, California. His garage lab inventions began with unconventionally designed motorcycle handgrips and goggles. When Jim began reinventing sports sunglasses, Oakley technology was soon attracting world-class athletes and besting the industry. Today, Oakley's 600+ patents speak to its obsession with eyewear innovation for men's and women's camping, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and outdoor fitness adventures.

Oakley sunglasses banish optical flaws and come in shade levels to match the outdoor activity of your choice. No matter the style, each pair of Oakleys is uniquely designed to comfortably hug your face and absorb any friction from activity. Plus, Oakley's cream-of-the-crop polarized lenses lack the haze and distortion of many of its industry peers. Want to extend the life of your sunglasses or mix up your shade level? Oakley has replacement lenses to fit the bill. Oakley also makes ski and snowboard goggles with the smarts to minimize fog and maximize peripheral and downward vision, so you can perform your best on the slopes. Whether you need UV protection and vision-enhancing shade during snowsports, outdoor fitness or casual travels, Oakley promises to deliver a stellar set of shades.

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