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  • Specialized ski/hike mechanism frees the upper shell from the lower part of the boot and offers a large range of motion for hiking
  • When you're ready to ski, the upper shell lock directly into the lower shell to maximize power transmission on the descent
  • Lange XT 130 shells are made from a single, uniform material to ensure that power transfer is highly efficient, even in varying temperatures
  • Single-material shells are also much easier for boot fitters to grind and punch
  • Shells are designed to create a centered, balanced stance using a low heel lift and an upright forward lean
  • Upright, natural stance makes it easy to stay balanced on today's shaped and rockered skis, reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency of skiing technique
  • Lange has created lightweight liners specifically designed for hiking; liners lace-up to ensure a comfortable fit while hiking
  • Liners comfortably conform to your feet and precisely match the internal shape of the shell to create instant responsiveness
  • Liners may be custom molded using a heat treatment
  • Boots hold to ankles and heels thanks to specialized, anatomic padding that resists packing out
  • Reinforced wedges in tongues remove gaps between liners and shells and enhance wrap on upper leg
  • Specially designed insteps provide excellent midfoot fit, resulting in heightened responsiveness, increased circulation and greater warmth
  • 1-piece toe boxes and tongues eliminate seams and overlaps in the tongue attachment area, reducing pressure points at the instep and top of the toes
  • You'll ski longer without hotspots thanks to the saddle-stitched seams in remainder of liners
  • Low-profile buckles sit low on the shell and creates a strong, precise closure
  • Adjust cuff tightness with a simple rotation of the buckle catches; catches adjust 20mm, corresponding to the 3 positions of a conventional catch
  • 50mm power straps provide exceptional flex and store energy from 1 turn to the next
  • Sticky, soft rubber soles and arch offer high traction for hiking up snowy, slippery surfaces
  • With a 130 flex index, Lange XT 130 ski boots provide the responsive power transfer preferred by aggressive, expert skiers
  • 100mm last is the product of thousands of scans of skiers' feet, and it offers exceptional anatomic accuracy and high comfort


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Best Use Downhill Skiing
Skill Level Advanced
Ski Boot Flex Stiff
Flex Index 130
Ski/Walk Position Yes
Liner Material Polyurethane foam
Moldable Liner Custom Moldable
Last Width 100 millimeters
Gender Men's

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